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New Ideas!

I'd like share with you some additional ideas for using my patterns.There just isn't room to print everything on the pattern pages!

Don't forget to see the Student Gallery for the great ideas other people have had and made!


Planning to have your quilt finished by a long arm or other professional quilter? 
When you complete the top (or even before!), talk to the person who will be doing the quilting. Find out how the quilter wants the backing prepared. You will need extra inches of backing all around the quilt. The direction of the seams may even make a difference, but whether they are top-to-bottom or side-to-side, make the seam allowances 1/2" and press the seams open so the quilt sandwich will go smoothly on the rollers. Many "long-armers" prefer the 108" wide seamless backing fabrics.
The important point here is that you should talk to the person who is going to do the quilting for you!


The elastic suggested in the pattern gives a soft feeling to the purse and keeps it closed a bit. 

I like to add drawstrings so the bag can be closed tightly when traveling in public places. 
Some people have added a piece of Velcro to hold the bag closed. 

One friend used a "magnetic purse snap" that she sewed in before turning the pocket flaps down. Instead of sewing along the casing, she pleated each end at the side seam.

Inside pockets 
We just can't get enough of those pockets! Make some to hold special items...your cell-phone or maybe car you can find them right away.
Cut a rectangle at least 1" larger than your item, and finish the edges by turning them to the wrong side about 1/4" then top-stitching. Or use any other patch-pocket method you like.
Fold the purse and mark the sides, but do not sew it yet. Position the pockets where you want them (remember the flaps come down another 2" to make the casing!) Pin the pockets in place in the center portion of the purse, then

open it flat and sew the pocket  on 3 sides (the opening will go toward the flap).
Re-fold and sew the purse as usual.




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