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Taming the Scrap Basket

Is your scrap basket out of control? Are you a scrap-a-holic? Is there any hope of dealing with all this mess? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Sunnie rummages through her own over-flowing scrapbasket, sharing helpful tips and humorous observations on our quilting lifestyles.


Potholder Therapy

When everything is going wrong, and you just don't know where to turn for help, it's time for Potholder Therapy. Guaranteed to chase away the blues and restore your self-esteem, every quilter can benefit from this cheap and drug-free method!


Disclaimer: Sunnie cannot be held responsible for anyone who falls out of a chair while laughing during her lectures.

Heirloom Quilts: A  Trunk Show of Family Treasures

I inherited my family's quilts, and now I would love to share them with you!
A variety of quilts tells the stories of my quilting "fore-mothers" and explores the connections all quilters have across time. Included is a handout of how to care for vintage quilts and the importance of quilt documentation.

From My Mother's Side: Quilts mainly made in the 1930's.
From My Father's Side: Quilts made in the mid- to -late 1800's.
These two shows have been combined into one, and will only be available while the quilts are in condition to travel. 2013 will probably be the last year to see all of them.


Magical Mystery Tour: Tips & Tricks from a Medley of Mystery Quilts (Trunk Show)

Why is a Mystery Quilt so mysterious? Come see this trunk show tour of over 16 Mystery Quilts and learn their secrets.
Find out what makes a good Mystery to chose fabrics when you don’t know what the quilt will look like...and what to do if you don’t like the quilt you end up with!
Sunnie has been designing and teaching Mystery Quilts since the turn of the century (that’s 2001). Her Personalized Mystery Quilt classes originated with an annual series for the All Star Quilters Guild, and has since expanded around Florida, into Georgia and even No. Carolina.
And, of course, when Sunnie gives a talk, there is always a handout!


I Ain't Afraid of No Judge: How to stop worrying and learn to love the critique

Get the inside story on quilt show judging so you can stop fearing the unknown! Sunnie shares her experiences in the judging room from all sides of the table: as quilt maker, assistant, and judge. Learn how to enter your quilt with more confidence and read the comment sheet with better understanding. Eight former QuiltFest entries along with their actual judges' sheets will be on display for your examination, discussion, and questions.


NEW! Great for shows and other groups where non-quilters need to learn more...
How to Look at a Quilt...and then talk about it!

You may wonder why this would be a lecture at your show or’s for the non-quilters who want to understand more about that they’re looking at.
It’s for the quilters who don’t know what to say to their friends & family about quilting who "just don’t get it”.

Everyone has a thought or feeling when they look at a quilt display, but often they don’t have the vocabulary to express their reactions or ideas. This lecture will help!
Starting with a quick review of quilt categories and a few art-related terms, it then goes into how to look at a quilt, both far away and up close. What do quilters want you see and know about their work? How can you share your thoughts in a non-critcal way?

This lecture is a fun and educational way for everyone to start enjoying the veiwing experience!






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