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Fees & Arrangements



Half day (3 hours)   $200

Full day (6 hours)    $400

Personalized Mystery Quilt   $500

For classes with a published pattern, each student must have a pattern. The pattern may be purchased from a shop or contact Sunnie before class so she can bring the number needed for purchase.
Kits and  supplies are available for classes that require some special notions (Trapunto By Machine needs water soluble thread and high-loft poly batting). Supply lists include all items needed, so students may provide their own. Kits are not required.



When scheduled with a class(es):   $125

Lecture only:  $200

There is no extra charge for handouts in classes or lectures.



For a contract, or to discuss dates or any questions you may have, please contact Sunnie at:





Class supply list: A copy of the supply list for all contracted classes will be provided to the contact person when the Letter of Agreement has been signed. The contact person will provide a copy of the supply list to each student in time to prepare for class. Supply lists may be seen with the class descriptions.

Students per class: Twenty is the usual maximum in order to give personnal attention to all students. Please contact Sunnie about including more students.

Transportation: Travel at the current (time of class or lecture) IRS mileage rate, round trip from Sunnie's home in Jacksonville, FL. Please contact Sunnie for details on air travel.

Lodging: Non-smoking room at a motel with inside room entrance preferred, Sunnie will also stay in the home a non-smoking group member, if she has a private bath. Pets are OK. If Sunnie is traveling with an assistant, lodging arrangements must include that person, but any additional costs (meals, etc.) will be coverd by Sunnie.

Meals: To be provided by the group from the time of arrival until departure. Sunnie has no allergies or special requirements.

Sales: Sunnie's patterns (and possibly other items) will be available for sale prior to and after the classes/ lectures. A donation of products may be given to the group, but not a sales commission. A table should be provided for sales, and a group member may be requested to assist. Sales will not impose an any class or lecture time.

Patterns and Kits: Any kit or class supply fees are to be paid for by each student at the time of class, unless other arrangements have been made.
Classes with published patterns require each student to have a pattern, which may be purchased from Sunnie.
There is NO CHARGE for class and lecture handouts.

Classroom requirements: One table for Sunnie, tables for students (1--2 per table is best), electrical outlets./ power cords, 1 iron per 2--3 students.

Lecture requirements: Table for Sunnie's quilts/ display. If a microphone is needed by the group, sufficient time before the lecture to review its use.

Payment: Sunnie will provide an invoice for the amount of the classes and/ or lectures as shown in the Letter of Agreement, plus travel expenses. A check at the conclusion of the classes/lectures is acceptable, unless other arrangements have been made.

Cancellations: Classes or lectures may be cancelled 30 days prior to the time Sunnie begins travel. If the group cancels after that time, they will be responsible for any expenses Sunnie has incurred for the event.
Sunnie will only cancel due to emergency, and re-scheduling will be made a priority.

Amendments: Changes must be made in writing and signed by both parties. Sunnie will be glad to discuss any changes or special needs the group may have.




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