September 15, 2012 @ 6:24 PM

We're in the last stages of Quilt Show preparations! QUILTFEST opens up on Thursday Sept. 20!

There are 434 quilts in the show. More than 100 were sent in by mail from around the country, and the rest were personally delivered to the Take-In stations located around Jacksonville (and one in St. Augustine). One location was hosted by my guild, and we had a fine time getting a sneak preview of 84 quilts!

Each quilt is measured and checked to be sure it is in the correct category.

A quilt will do best at the judging when it's in the right category (type & size). When in doubt, we tend to go with what the ownwer wants...but it pays to really read the entry rules!
We also have a sticky lint roller to catch threads and pet hair, even though the rules state "Must be clean and ready to show."
Sometimes we have to note a stain or damage to be sure the owner knows we did not hurt the quilt while it was in our care

Another important item to check is the sleeve (a fabric tube stitched to the top of the quilt back for the hanging rod to go through). The top of the sleeve must be 90" from the bottom of the quilt. That means a longer quilt has the top folded over, but it keeps the bottom edge from being dragged on the floor. In the past we had to pin up the bottom edges of some quilts, and that is both hard to do and dangerous to the quilt.
This year only one person had to move a sleeve!
And most of the entries came in nice large bags (another rule that gets "overlooked"!). Each quilt goes in and out of it's bag at least 4 times during the show process, so it's hard on the quilt and the workers when somebody stuffs a king size quilt into a tiny pillowcase.

All together it took my van and an SUV to transport the quilts from our station to the hotel where the judging was set up to start the next day.

We'll talk about that next time!