September 14, 2012 @ 3:47 AM

Patchwork Pie has left Blogger/ Blogspot and moved here to my website!

Welcome to my followers who have made the jump, and to all new readers....I did it for you!

There were going to be some problems with Blogger having pictures, and as Cherry-cherry says, without pics a blog is not worth reading. So I just decided to start over here.

The old posts will still be up on Blogger...I can tweak it occaisionally and keep it "live". But all the new stuff will be here at Sunnie Quilts.

And now, for those who enjoy a cat on a's Shayla O'Puss!

Lots of QuiltFest news coming up with the show opening on Thursday!
I'll even share why the beautiful quilt above did NOT get into the show...and what did!