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Beta Belles
Bravely Beta- testing my patterns before they go to print!

All the patterns from SunnieQuilts are actually made by real people before they are printed.. 

The Beta Belles are a group of quilters who give these patterns a good workout, making sure the directions and diagrams are as clear as possible, the fabric requirements are reasonable (it's tricky to ask for plenty but not-too-much!), and the cover has the information you want. They range from beginners to advanced skill levels. I expect them to be ruthless in their comments and corrections!

Beta Belles use their own fabrics, and only need to complete the top, which then belongs to the maker. All I ask for is a set of corrected instructions and a good photo. They receive a copy of the published pattern and my eternal gratitude!

Not all the Beta Belles have to make every pattern. When a new one is ready to test, they are notified by email to visit a password page on this website where they can see what the pattern looks like. If they want to make the top, and have time to do it right away, they contact me and I send the instructions to the first five who ask. That way, nobody is obligated unless they like the pattern and have the time to sew it!






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